“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”

Not our mantra but definitely something we all stand by!

We are the Livecozy team. Rick, Ellie, Ang and me (Kris); we huddled together to try and help break the clutter that is internet shopping for clothes and home décor.

“The one thing that brought us together was the notion that the internet is filled with clutter and the buyer wastes way too much time sifting through this clutter. Why not handpick and deliver what we think is the best?” dramatized Rick when I asked her to say something. Although a little overboard, she did strike the right chord. We all really believe in the notion that an internet buy needs to be simple and hassle free.

Erica Sanders (Rick), the brain behind the idea of Livecozy is a mother of two lovely angels and understands baby needs like no one does. “While I was trying to figure out what blankets or clothes to buy for the first time, I learnt websites are filled with things I don’t need and the ones I do are way too difficult to gauge online.” Rick believes that we need to change the way we look at baby needs and we cannot agree more.

Ang on the other hand (Ang Wong) comes from a family of silk makers. Though no one after her great grandfather has taken up the business, her firm belief is that she loves garments. When Ang is not grumpy, she goes all spiritual and says ‘Textiles, colors, fabric; it all runs in my blood’. All jokes aside, she is a Textile Engineer and has a firm understanding of fabrics like none of us do!

“When I die, you better dress me up well or I’ll haunt you.” If you hear these words, Ellie (Elayne Gray) is around. Some call her snobbish, some name her catty but she is adorable as hell. Flipping through fashion journals and having heartaches at celeb fashion, Ellie knows her colors, her ensembles and she can be one difficult person to convince.

And what should I say about myself. I am Krishna Sen or Kris because Krishna is just too difficult to pronounce, isn’t it? As you would’ve guessed, I am an Indian and that explains why I love vibrancy. Apart from the fact that I have received a lot of culture shocks since my moving here, in the US, it has been a wonderful journey to understand the culture, the notions, and the ideas that define this society. I bring to the table an outsider’s perspective and hence feel ‘exotic’ at times! I fail to understand why Christmas is so red or why winters should be so dull. Back in India, spring is about yellows, reds, and greens; why not here. This constant marriage in my head between cultures is what makes me a part of this wonderful team.
March 30, 2016 — LiveCozy Inc

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